Tuesday, January 6, 2009

As Usual...

It seems that usually when I write in here I'm complaining about something doesn't it?

Oh well, I guess that's what these things are for though. Getting things off your chest, out of your mind, whatever.

I've been in a rather down mood recently. I think it might be the crash from all the holiday craziness. The holidays are done & things are going back to normal & it seems now like there's nothing to look forward to.

I've been rather moody. I haven't really wanted to be bothered by people. I've been short with anyone that irritates me. My patience level has dropped drastically.

In addition to being moody, I've been in a bit of pain. My back is bothering me (threw it out shoveling last week, yeah I'm a wimp). I've been cramping like crazy (thank you lady parts!), & my body has just been achy. Thank God I have a doctor's appoint this Friday.

Could be that I'm tired too. I'm tired all the time. Worst part is, even though I'm tired, I can't seem to sleep. I go to bed & I wake up every half hour, & that's only after a struggle to get to sleep. Then during the day, when Bri takes a nap I usually nap with her. Recently, I have laid there half awake just ticking away the minutes, trying to get some rest. What the heck is wrong?

Anyways... going to try to go to bed... hopefully I'll be in a less whiney mood tomorrow.

We can all only hope.

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